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Jul, 2020


-Good afternoon everyone.
We are super excited that we have FINALLY been able to start games. Hope everyone is enjoying be back out there as much as we are.
Just a couple things to make everyone aware of.  In order to play game the City has given us certain guidelines that we have to adhere to.
When you go to the fields you will see that the fencing has been put up from the dugouts to the end of the bleachers. This dugout extension is for the girls to be able to abide by the 6ft social distancing policy. If you would help the coaches make the girls aware and understand this that would be helpful. Also you will see orange X's painted on the ground all the way around the fields at certain intervals. These are there for each family to be able to be able to sit or stand and watch the games.  Please find an X and utilize these spaces for your family to view the games.. The city does not want the fences packed side by side so we have to use these for distance between onlookers.. Also we know that it is very hot of late especially for the early games. So if you would like to bring a tent or another way to provide shade by all means do so. Please center the tent over the marked X and utillize the space under the Tents.

Thank you so much for helping us with all this and your continued support and patience.
This is how we will keep the girls on the fields.
Should you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact me directly

Monte Weathington
League President